Cookie Policy

According to The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should anyone who visits a website with cookies get access to information that the site contains cookies and the purpose of using cookies.

What is a Cookie?

A “cookie” is a small text file containing information stored on your device when you visit our site. The length of time it is stored depends on the type of cookie. Cookies help us to give you the best experience when visiting our site, by enabling basic features as well as providing anonymous information that will help us improve your experience on our site.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for our site to work. They are used for your actions on our site, such as When you enter personal preferences, login or fill out a form.


These cookies are set in order for us to get statistics about how visitors use our site to provide the right content. We use Google Analytics as a statistic tool.

Third party cookies

If we have content from other sources on our site, such as maps, videos, and services in social media, these players can store cookies on your device.

What cookies do we use?

On uses different types of cookies to give you the best possible user experience, as described below:


By clicking here [cookie_settings] you can also control which categories of cookies we may use.